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Email Sentiment Analysis to improve customer service

What I love about my life as a #consultant is having the opportunity to hear customer problems and responding to them with something of value which improves their business in their own industry and market. What I love about being #Microsoft #Technology #consultant is working on a technology which not only cares about end users but also makes it easier for me (or any citizen developer) to come up with solutions easy to implement and with the #powerplatform and #msflow, many things don't even need to open my #visualstudio (which I love and open every day even if I am not coding - Sounds crazy, nah! :D). Let's get back to the track now!
Scenario  I had a request from my customer who was getting bombarded with case emails in its support department. The customer asked me to find a solution to prioritize emails based on urgency and probability of customers getting defected.

My initial thought was that "How do I need to quantify if a customer is going to defect because they are…

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